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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Physics at the University of New Haven fo Summer Semester 2018.

Our goal is to assure that the Department is a driving force in the mathematical sciences, and that it is a resource to the University of New Haven in education. These goals define us, and let us stand out from so many other places to work or study. These pages extend our reach to broadly engage our community in the mathematical sciences.

The Department of Mathematics and Physics provides a wide range of courses covering all aspects of math and physics education from the introductory to the advanced undergraduate and introductory graduate level. The Department offers BA and BS options for degrees in mathematics and also offers minors in Mathematics and in Physics.

The Department is part of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and consists of 13 full time faculty, and 24 adjunct faculty and tutors. In addition, the Department operates a dual quad Xeon server for faculty and students as a computational resource.

Current Department Topics and News

07/04 We welcome Dr. Ryan Tully-Doyle to the faculty in the Department of Math and Physics.

07/02 The All Girls Math Academy of 2017 ran from June 26 to July 1 with a record of 18 participants. It was led by Yevgeniya Rivers and Yasanthi Kottegoda with the invaluable assistance from recent UNH Math grad Cassandra Pray and 4th year Math Major Angela Mastropietro. Most participants came from New Haven and West Haven public schools. The math curriculum included graph theory, inductive and deductive reasoning and cryptography. Activities included a boisterous cryptography scavenger hunt, a visit to the Museum of Math in NYC, an original coding project in Scratch, Python or JavaScript, daily groupwork and individual presentations. The academy featured 4 guest speakers in a variety of industries that depend on math, computer science or both and culminated in a discussion of careers for mathematicians, project presentations and a celebration with the girls' family members.

06/13 Please note that theere are new regulations governing students who seek to place out our thier core math classes. This topic is fulled discussed at Math Placement. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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Advising support

For faculty advisors and students seeking advise on developmental math courses, we provide an online summary to help fully understand the curriculum. Please update your advising knowledge of these changes.



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