This research group, Computational Mathematics (CM) at UNH, provides a multifaceted introduction to parallel/open source computing built on a open source platform. The cluster participants will install, operate, and maintain an Ubuntu 16.04 based computer to be built on an Intel Xeon 55xx platform (providing 8 cores, and supporting up to 16 threads) with 48Gb 3-channel DDR3 ECC memory to maximize memory bandwidth, along with a 256Gb SSD. The approach is designed to provide hands-on experiential learning for the faculty, so that in turn, they can provide computational leadership to their colleagues at UNH.

The faculty interests in this proposed IRC range from bio-informatics to molecular modeling and computational fluid dynamics, and also include a number of faculty interested in developing and improving existing software tools. While a part of the purpose of this IRC is tied up with the individual interests each participating faculty member has in solving problems in their fields of interest, the more significant role for this IRC is that it serves as the nucleus around which a diverse, interdisciplinary computational science program can coalesce. Thus, the Cluster will also examine a range of issues designed to develop a shared computational problem solving experience, including discussing the use of a range of standard open source computational tools for data analysis and post-processing. Progress updates on the results and the problems faculty have had in utilizing the technology will also be an important part of the learning process.

The objective is to make this computing resource available to all faculty and students who have an interest in scientific computing and applied computational science.