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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Physics at the University of New Haven for Spring Semester 2016.

Our goal is to assure that the Department is a driving force in the mathematical sciences, and that it is a resource to the University of New Haven in education. These goals define us, and help us stand out from so many other places to work or study, and these pages extend our reach to broadly engage our community in the mathematical sciences.

The Department of Mathematics and Physics provides a wide range of courses covering all aspects of math and physics education from the introductory to the advanced undergraduate and introductory graduate level. The Department offers BA and BS options for degrees in mathematics and also offers minors in Mathematics and in Physics.

The Department is part of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and consists of 18 full time faculty, 9 professional associate faculty, and 19 adjunct faculty. In addition, the Department operates a dual quad Xeon server for faculty and students as a computational resource.

Current Department Topics and News

04/27: The Department participated in the CAS Awards Ceremony presenting awards to Brian Dina, Mark Herde, Anthony Mastromarino, and Cassandra Pray. Congratulations are due these students.

03/14: All Girls Math Camp 2016. The math camp for girls is a six-day summer camp whose curriculum includes seminars by University of New Haven faculty on special topics in mathematics and computer science and is hosted by Yevgeniya Rivers, Math Zone Director, and Yasanthi Kottegoda to encourage more wowmen to consider career options in mathematics and computer science.

03/03: Women and STEM, important issues affecting mathematics and physics, WLC Conference 4/1/16.

02/22: It's time to roll out the $\pi$-day celebration for Spring 2016. Because of Spring break, we'll be holding this a bit earlier than usual, i.e., on March 1, or technically we are approximating $\pi$ to the value of $3.1$ instead of $3.14$ this year. Click on our link to learn more about planned activities.

01/16: We are offering Honors Calculus II during Spring 2016 following on from Honors Calculus I which was offered successfully in Fall 2015. In addition, this semester we are introducing the The Student Math and Physics Lecture Series aimed at students starting out in the mathematical sciences. The topics covered are of interest and accessible to students with a background in Calculus. The Lectures are   More ...


Advising support

For faculty advisors and students seeking advise on developmental math courses, we provide an online summary to help fully understand the curriculum.. Please update your advising knowledge of these changes.



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