Research Interests

1. Tackling Math Anxiety in the Developmental Math Classroom: Using the math anxiety rating scale known as MARS-R, a 24-item instrument on a Likert scale, we will measure students' anxiety in learning and testing in math and study correlations sswith gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

2. The Efficacy of Brain Training Games in Improving Memory in Early to Middle Age: Recruiting volunteer study participants ages 30 - 45 from the University community, we will study the effects of using Lumosity (or similar brain training programs) in improving short-term memory. Three groups of participants will be formed: a) those using Lumosity on a regular basis, b) those not using Lumosity but engaging in social activities on or off campus for an additional 2 hours per week and c) a control group not exposed to additional mental stimulation nor additional social activities.

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