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OneDrive Server Access

If you have an account on this server, then your files on the server are your server web files.

There are copies of your server web files in a folder in your OneDrive. These copies, your OneDrive web files, sync with your server web files every 30 seconds.

This OneDrive folder is called UNH_department_server or MyFiles/UNH_department_server, depending on whether you are accessing OneDrive through your laptop app or through a browser.

The connections are as follows: laptop folder <===> OneDrive folder <===> server folder

To modify your OneDrive web files, follow the instructions in OneDrive Web Pages.

To set up your OneDrive folder, follow the instructions below. This access must be re-enabled each time your UNH password changes. Just repeat the steps below.

OneDrive Folder Setup


      1. The following works only on the Chrome browser, not Safari.
      2. Using this browser, open a new tab and check whether you have a web page on this server.
      3. If you already have a webpage on this server, skip this step and go to step 4.
        • E-mail the department admin assistant requesting the activation of your server account.
        • Once your account is activated, you will have a webpage on this server.
        • Once you've confirmed your account is activated by repeating step 2, go to step 4.
      4. Click this link. This is the request URL.
      5. The request URL takes you to a microsoft sign-in page. If prompted to log in to UNH, please do so.
      6. After this, you are sent to a blank web page.
      7. Copy the blank web page's URL (all of it) from the browser's address bar. This is the response URL, valid only for 60 minutes.
      8. If the previous four steps don't result in a blank web page, you may need to do these steps in incognito mode.
        • Paste the response URL below
        • Click Submit once only and wait (this may take a while) until you see "OneDrive sync is set up".

      9. Now there is a folder called UNH_department_server in your OneDrive folder under MyFiles.
      10. This folder syncs with the corresponding folder in the server every 30 seconds.
      11. Follow instructions in OneDrive Web Pages to modify your files.